I perfectly understand that an appointment with the dentist
can be stressful for You ...

After all, we're talking about your smile, about your personal appearance. We are a unique place where your dental problems may eventually find its solution. My ultimate goal is your comfort during the treatment and satisfaction with the final result. Modern dental care can offer a wide range of therapeutic options. Our team will cooperate with you to select the optimum solution for Your particular case.



My qualifications as both surgeon and dentist allow me to specialize in implantology, prosthetics and advanced oral surgery. I am especially happy to deal with difficult cases of patients additionally burdened or suffering from other serious medical conditions who require special care during the treatment. All procedures are performed in order to meet the ultimate effect of even the highest requirements of aesthetic dentistry.


Your problems inspire me. In today's dentistry there are no hopeless situations. I am convinced that even in the toughest case You will find a satisfactory functional and aesthetic solution.



If You have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or phone and arrange an appointment for a consultation.


We look forward to welcoming You in our clinic.

Rafal Radzewski

R A F A Ł  R A D Z E W S K I